Affiliate terms and conditions

In addition to the standard 40% affiliate commissions, we’re super excited to release a great promo offer for both our affiliates and new users.

Bring in a new trader between now and 31.04.2021 and once the following terms are met we will credit both you and your referral with €5 worth of XCM tokens.

Your referral needs to:

  1. Create and verify their account
  2. Deposit €50 worth of any asset
  3. Trade with a volume of at least €1,000

This promo applies to new accounts only, there can be one account per person.

Your referral can deposit any supported crypto or fiat currency. Crypto deposit, credit card, SWIFT and bank transfers available.

What does trading volume mean?

Volume is the amount of currency traded during a given period of time. For example let’s say you do 10 trades (buy or sell) with the value of €25 each, your trading volume will be €250. Or one transaction of €250. For active day traders this volume can be easily reached in a day.

When will my bonus be available to withdraw?

The bonus will be unlocked and you can withdraw it once you’ve met all the conditions. The amount will be in XCM, the CoinMetro native token at the market price once all the conditions have been met.

What is XCM?

XCM is the native token on the CoinMetro platform. XCM powers all the transactions. All of the exchange fees, TraM management fees and referral fees are transacted in XCM. In addition to this, by owning XCM and keeping it vaulted will give you discounts on our products and services.

Can I sell the XCM bonus?

Yes, you can sell the XCM for any other asset on the platform, or you can hold it to get rebates on the platform.

*Volume needs to be reached in 30 days.

*Bonus may discontinue at any time under CoinMetro’s discretion.

*Users that abuse the program may be banned from the platform.