Invite friends,

earn without limits

Invite friends and we will share 40% of our profits from trading fees


Crypto bonus per trader

2. Promote CoinMetro

3. Earn without limit

How it works

Share with friends or promote on your channels

Once they start trading, you will receive €5 and make 40% of our net fees

Dash over to our dashboard and get your affiliate link

Receive bonus for inviting a friend and get 40% commission

2. Make a €50 deposit

1. Create an account

3. Trade crypto 

€5 for you, €5 for your friend

Deposit €50 worth of any asset

Minimum trading volume of €250 to receive the bonus

Signup and verify your account

Earn more by inviting friends

Lifetime payouts

Invite without limits

Track your referrals

Good to know

As long as your traders keep trading, you receive profits

See all the stats and revenue on your referral dashboard

We don't cap the amount of friends. Sky's the limit


Want to know more?

Live chat support available now!

When your friends and referrals start trading you will receive the commission in your account.

Payouts will be made in CoinMetro’s own token(XCM). Use your earned commission on our platforms or withdraw it.

How do I receive my commission?

There is no minimum and you'll receive commissions immediately after your referrals start trading.

Is there a minimum payout?

The total amount of the trades you've made. For example, 5 buy trades worth €100 + 5 sell trades worth €100 is your volume of €1000

What's trading volume?

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Reliable, real-time payouts